During elementary school here in the 80’s I would be what was called ADHD thank god I wasn’t medicated.  Instead teachers either let me wander outside and come back or put me in dentition.  Well it can be said that I spent a lot of time after class detained.  

I wasn’t water boarded but I was handed old outdated history guide books all about American history and stories of how the war of independence started and how the US constitution came to be.  I was fascinated and sometimes stayed longer as these guides always kept my focus.  I’m pretty sure my teacher was banging the principal so she didn’t mind me staying longer.  

So it’s after school on dark northern nights in Canada where I learned the importance of the US constitution.  Arguably the most important free document ever written.  It’s the foundation to allow humans to be a free people, governed by themselves.  Allowing the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  

I often wonder how these young Americans felt when they talked about all this in the 1770’s.  When they put their foot down after the British Crown wouldn’t allow a representative of the 13 colonies in the English Parliment.  It’s inspiring to think of the fortitude and principals those men and women had at that time to stand up and ante up on the principal of their voice and their opinon and what was soon to become the American way.  

You know I’m grateful for the teachers I had and the way I was educated.  Raised on a military base with the principles of warriors.  The Spartan way of life so to speak.  In also fortunate to be rebelous enough to learn of the rebels who created America.  God Bless America and the principles on which it was founded.  It has helped me become a better person and had always inspired me to be better.